Mitragyna Hirsuta 1KG


Kratom alternatives - Mitragyna Hirsuta also known as kra thum khok. The leaves are a substitute for MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA in Thailand, ,and contains some rare alkaloids. Studies have been made and it does not contain Mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine, therefore making it a legal alternative to kratom in different parts of the world. Originally comes from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Countries. Mitragyna Hirsuta powdered leaves are sold per kg. Receive 10$ off per kg when ordering more than 5kg, receive 20$ off per KG for orders of 10KG, receive 30$ off per KG for orders of 25KG, receive 40$ off per KG for orders of 100KG, MUST CONTACT US TO RECEIVE WHOLESALE CUSTOMER STATUS.

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